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Point Digit Hand Grasp Comparison Chart

As of the writing of this blog post, Point Designs has connected patients and clinicians with over 1,000 full and partial finger prostheses.  With over 400 patients using our devices, it is important that our new customers are able to learn how to use their Point Digits from our existing users. To make this possible, we have organized this hand grasp comparison chart, which shows our patients mirroring some of the most commonly used grasps, in addition to using their Point Digits in everyday use scenarios.

Large Diameter Wrap

Medium Wrap

Light Tool

Thumb - 3 Finger

Thumb - Index Finger

Circular Disk

Flat Disk


Small Diameter Wrap

Adducted Thumb

Thumb - 4 Finger

Thumb - 2 Finger

Lateral Pinch

Sphere in Palm

Sphere in Fingers

Platform Push

In addition to this grasp comparison chart, please see below for an operational video of the Point Digit II. It is a mechanical, ratcheting prosthetic finger with 11 different points of flexion, and the only prosthetic finger with anatomically rotating DIP, PIP, and MCP joints. It can be controlled unilaterally, and has a spring back mechanism after achieving full flexion in addition to a release button on the dorsal side of the digit. The Point Digit II is 3D printed out of Titanium, and although it can hold much more, each digit has a recommended load rating of 150 lbs.

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out to us at info@pointdesignsllc.com, or by using the contact us form below. 

Griffin Drye
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